5 Ways How Job Seekers Can Increase Their Chances of Finding Work

5 Ways How Job Seekers Can Increase Their Chances of Finding Work

Landing a job sometimes depends on what avenues job seekers take toward finding work. Here are five tips on how to improve job search results.

There are no quick fixes or miracle methods for finding a new job. It takes a lot of hard work and perseverance to create a resume, participate in the interview process, supply quality references and then wait for the outcome. However, as in all things there are good, better and best ways of handling a job search, from resume design to how to dress for an interview.

Beginning with the basics, however, is a smart choice. That means putting some thought into the job search strategy.

Stand Out From the Crowd

It’s not about submitting over-the-top resumes or wearing outlandish costumes to the interview, it merely means that job seekers need to illustrate why they are one notch up from the competition. And generally that begins with the resume.

While there are resume basics that job seekers would be wise to keep in mind, this doesn’t mean a little creativity is wrong. Creating an eye-catching yet scannable resume is a great way for a job seeker to show their creativity while maintaining their professionalism. And part of what job seekers need to do is to make sure that instead of limiting their resume to a long laundry list of work experiences, they include what makes them so special: their achievements.

Use Social Networking Sites to Land a Job

How many times can the experts say that networking is essential to finding a great employment opportunity? Probably not enough, because too often job seekers don’t fully leverage their entire networking arsenal.

Job seekers who really want show they have their finger on the pulse of society and understand the benefits of not just networking, but using social networking sites to their advantage will log on and link up.

Have a Clear Job Goal in Mind

There’s nothing more frustrating than speaking with someone who is looking for a new job, but who also seems to be completely clueless about what it is they want to do. That doesn’t mean that every job seeker needs to come armed with a job description and dossier. Instead job seekers merely need to understand what they want in a position and employer, otherwise how will they know which employment opportunities to pursue?

Frankly, it just makes no sense for candidates to take up their own as well as an organization’s time interviewing for a position they’re just not that into. That means before even beginning the job search process, job seekers should be clear about what they feel is important in a new opportunity, from hours of work to job duties.

Be Open and Flexible

Okay, now this is going to sound like it is completely contrary to the previous tip, however, it really isn’t. Just because a job seeker has a goal in mind, doesn’t mean he can’t be open to alternative ideas. And that is why it is important for job seekers to know what they want. To help illustrate, here’s Stan Kaczmarek’s story.

As an environmental engineer, he came to a crossroads in 2008 when he had to look at his skill sets and career desires in order to figure out how he could brand himself in such a way that he would stand out from the crowd. While Stan’s story stands as a testament to the need for job seekers to stand out from the crowd, even more importantly it suggests that in order to stand out job seekers need to be clear about what they want and what they bring to the table.

Put in the Time and Effort to Do the Job Right

Okay, here’s another tip that has been repeated again and again. In order successfully find a new position, a job that fits with their career goals, job seekers need to take the time, put in the effort and focus on looking for the right opportunity. Emailing resumes to a bunch of job announcements then sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring is less effective than if a job seeker attends job fairs, networks with colleagues, participates in professional association meetings or joins a job group. It’s important to make a job search proactive.

Finding a new position takes energy and flexibility. But mostly it takes the willingness to put in the effort and the time necessary to find the right company and position. Job seekers can improve their chances of finding the right job opening by keeping these five tips in mind.

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