The Best Side Jobs: Second Jobs and Part Time Employment

The Best Side Jobs: Second Jobs and Part Time Employment

There are a variety of options when considering what to do as a second job. It is important that people think about their skills and interests, the hours that they are available, and how much money they must earn.

Good Side Jobs for People Who Like Kids

Workers who enjoy spending time for children may enjoy finding work as tutors or babysitters. Tutoring is an excellent choice for a second job when someone has academic skills that he would not mind putting to use helping a struggling student. Tutoring makes an excellent second source of income because the hours are flexible and the work can be highly stimulating.

While many people believe that babysitting is work meant only for teenagers, in fact it can be a fun and lucrative second job. Parents are always looking for help with their children, so babysitting schedules can be established to fit around other work schedules.

Side Jobs for People Who are Good With Their Hands

Performing neighborhood home repairs can be a great way to get extra cash. People who are familiar with installations, repairs, and quick-fixes will find themselves in high demand, and handy-man work can be well-paid. Many people have no idea how to perform simple home repairs and are more than willing to hire others to do this work for them.

People who are handy with their hands in a whole different way can make money by selling their handmade crafts. Everything from jewelry to knitting can be made and sold to an appreciative audience. Even people who do not think of themselves as creative have the ability to scrapbook, create handmade greeting cards, or make other cute crafts.

Side Jobs in Food Service

There is a constant need for waitstaff at every restaurant in the world. Anyone who can remember simple orders, spend hours on their feet, and chat politely with customers has the makings of a great future waiter or waitress. This work can also be quite lucrative – at high end restaurants waiters can often make lots of money in tips. Working in restaurants makes a great side job because hours are flexible and can be put together around other schedules. Consultant Journal highlights the availability of jobs in food service in their article on second jobs.

People looking for side jobs in food service should also consider working as bartenders. In many ways, bar-tending jobs are similar to jobs waiting tables, however, bartenders tend to work later into the night and have longer interactions with customers, often building relationships with regulars at the bars where they work. A friendly demeanor and a great knowledge of drinks will take a prospective bartender far.

The Best Side Jobs

Whether a worker is looking for a little extra cash or simply a change from his normal job, there are a variety of means of employment available to people with all ranges of skills and interests. These jobs range from those for people who like to work with their hands to those best suited for people who enjoy children, and everything in between.

Workers should consider a variety of options and explore all of the potential side jobs that may appeal to them. These are just a few of the most common and best side jobs. However, practically any job can be arranged to fit with another schedule. Someone seeking a side job should consider their personal needs and interests before committing to a single option.

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