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First impressions count when it comes to resumes. Recruiters spend just SIX seconds scanning each one before making their initial “fit/no fit” decision, so it’s essential for you as a job seeker to have a tool to help you stand out from the crowd!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the resume templates be used with Microsoft Word?

Yes! All of our resume templates are designed specifically for Microsoft Word, whether you’re using Windows or Mac.

Can the resume templates be used with a Mac?

Yes! Each resume template comes with specific templates for Macs including Microsoft Word for Macs as well as Pages for Macs.

What if I have resume formatting questions?

We’re here to help! Contact us if you come across any questions or issues with your resume template.

Can I edit the header / footer, information, colors and sections in your templates?

Of course, that’s the purpose of these resumes, so that user can prepare their own resumes. Our templates are normal MS Office Word (.doc/.docx) files, you can edit everything just like you would do with any Word file.

I don't have MS Office Word, what can I do?

You can download a trial version of Microsoft Word available on the Microsoft website. You can try to use Online Office, Google Docs, or some free software such as Open Office. However, our templates were not tested with these tools, try at your own risk!

Can I order a custom template?

We don’t design custom templates on request, you can only buy the existing templates.

Do you offer support with the resumes?

Yes, we do. If you need help achieving something within the resume, please get in touch.Please be as descriptive as you can when describing what you want to achieve.

I can't open the files.

The files you download are archives (zip files). You need to extract them before you can open the doc files. On computers you do that by right clicking on the zip file and select Extract from the menu that appears.

Do you offer refunds?

No, sorry. As we sell digital downloads this is to avoid abuses.Our products can’t be returned and no one can guarantee they won’t still be used nor will be deleted from the user’s computer, so we can’t offer refunds. However, our customer service will be more than glad to assist with any difficulties you may experience using our templates.