How to Find Employment from the College Grad to the Mature Person

How to Find Employment from the College Grad to the Mature Person

A handy guide for finding employment no matter what level of experience, age or education. These employment sites will help find a job to match particular skill sets.

It often depends on the job seeker's skills, experience and age as to whether a particular job search site can help find employment. It's often frustrating and disappointing to check out the regular job sites only to find no match for the job seeker. The following job search sites have been categorized to help those looking for work be more effective.

Recent Grads Looking for Employment

The first place is to check with the counselling area and department area of the college or university. Most, if not all of these institutions have their own pipeline direct with the industry. They receive local postings, usually from local employers who are actively seeking recent grads from that particular institute. Each department usually has its own job board with jobs printed out and pinned to a reserved wall area. Check out ALL departments, not just for the particular area in which the student is graduating. For example, the business department will have many postings that pertain to many recent grads.

The student website may also post these jobs, or others. Check out other colleges and universities as well, but note that most do require a valid student number to access private student web areas. Don't be afraid to go onto other campuses and check out the physical job boards too.

Highly Skilled/Upper Management Searching for New Jobs

While many people think those who have high levels of skills, especially technical, have no problem finding new employment, it's not true. It is still hard to find the right match.

Check out the websites of local and global agencies that specialize in placing technical people. Most of these agencies do not require a candidate to be a signed member of their team (meaning one does not have to be on contract or temporary placement with the company), as the agency gets paid a finder's fee upon successful placement/probation of a candidate. The job seeker though will most likely have to sign some sort of confidentiality agreement to protect the agency.

Those with upper management skills need to find and work with Executive Search agencies. Due to the nature of and sensitive information that senior management has access to, the job seeker needs discretion with all potential employer contacts. Atlantic Research Technologies ( also offers its services throughout Canada and the U.S. as well as worldwide. Their mission is to find work for those working in the higher echelon of companies, such as CEO's.

Job Search Sites for Mature Workers

It's often difficult for mature workers, or those 50+, to find satisfying employment, especially when the job market is flooded with recent grads or those with a little experience under their belts. Mature workers often feel undervalued and underemployed.

Fortunately, many companies see the value in seasoned employees, and actively seek to hire mature workers. Companies understand the value mature workers bring to the workforce: proven track record of experience, not just in work but in life; knowing what they want to do and how to do it; patience and tolerance.

One such site is – which offers channels for the different type of job seeker. Check out the "mature worker" channel for jobs across the US and abroad. Another excellent site for mature workers is – with not just a job seeker board but information on just about anything the over 50 person might be looking for. Note that the job board has placements for both U.S. and Canada.

As well, try typing in "mature worker" or "50+" and a city or state/province to get a more local site. There are many such sites and each offers specific jobs with companies looking for those more experienced in life, years and work.

Bottom Line

Don`t go it alone in the job search, and don't just stick to regular employment sites. For recent grads, check out the job boards at each department. Those with higher skill levels such as upper management should work with and check out executive search companies, where discretion is a priority. Mature workers now have more job sites specifically geared to their experience in life and employment.

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