Resume and Dress Advice for Those Seeking Work in Retail

Resume and Dress Advice for Those Seeking Work in Retail

Applying for a part-time position is very similar to applying for full-time work. Part-time applicants should prepare a resume and act professionally during an interview.

There are those who think that just because the job they are applying for is a part-time position, they don’t need to act professionally during the interview. These are the same people who tend to wonder why it is they cannot get hired to count cans at the local grocery store.

A job seeker should take every interview seriously, whether it’s at a Fortune 500 company or a local video store. Granted, a suit and tie may not be necessary for the video store interview, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t conduct himself professionally.

Have a Resume

Managers of retail stores and other customer service jobs almost never receive applications with resumes. Consequently, they tend to be very impressed when they do.

Submitting a resume with the application, even for applicants with little to no work history, can send that application to the top of a manager’s pile. Considering the volume of applications most part-time employers get, being at the top of the pile is a very good thing.

Be on Time for An Interview

Most people realize that being late for an interview is a bad thing. Being too punctual can be just as bad. Most retail managers are very busy people, with tightly-crafted schedules. Having an interviewee show up 20 minutes early can seriously impact that schedule.

Retail managers typically schedule interviews for times when the store has maximum available coverage. If an interview is scheduled at two, for example, it may be because that’s when another employee is scheduled to come in. The manager may be unable to start the interview early, and it’s just uncomfortable for them to force a potential employee to wander about the store until they’re ready.

It’s okay to be a little early, but show up five minutes before the interview rather than 20.

The Interview: Be Professional

Just because a job is in the local mall doesn’t mean than an applicant can show up in street clothes. A business suit is not necessary, but try to look nice. Slacks and a button up shirt is enough for guys, and women should wear a fairly nice outfit as well.

Applicants should conduct themselves professionally from the moment they enter their prospective place of employment until the moment they leave, not just during the interview. Do not chew gum. Do not show up sipping on a 44 ounce soda. The employer is evaluating an applicant from the moment he walks in. Those who aren’t careful may find their interview over before it even begins.

Be Yourself

In most part time positions, the manager works closely with his employees on a day to day basis. Because of this, most managers consciously try to hire people they feel they will enjoy working with.

Interviewing can be intimidating, but applicants shouldn’t be afraid to be themselves and let a bit of their personality show. Don’t be ridiculously over the top, but if an applicant can show a manager that his personality will fit in well with an existing team, his chances of getting hired will skyrocket.

Applying for any job can be a nerve-wracking experience. Applicants who submit resumes will increase their chances of being called in for an interview. Those who show up on time, act professionally, and are not afraid to show their personality will find themselves on a fast track to a new part-time job.

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