The Secret to Using the Internet Wisely for Job Searching

The Secret to Using the Internet Wisely for Job Searching

The very best way to land a job is through networking in person with people who are already friends or associates. In addition, wise use of the Internet can be an excellent tool towards employment. When Google is used to search for a job website, hundreds of sites will show up in the results. People should not waste time looking through more than a couple job sites.

Using Search Engines

One method is to look for job listings on a site related to the industry you desire to work. Many association websites will have a job listing area that member companies are able to place ads at no cost.

Other effective ways to look for open positions is to use a website that searches many other job websites. An example is which searches for jobs on Monsterjobs, Careerbuilder and others. A search can be conducted by job title or location and results from all other job websites are gathered together on the results page. Once a search has been entered an email alert can be scheduled for the specific search. Every time a new job is listed that fits the parameters an email alert goes out.

Networking Online

A popular phrase is, “Its not what is known but who is known that counts”. This is true for finding employment too. It is important for everyone to have a group of friends, advisors and associates. Get involved as soon as possible on business networking websites. One of the most visited is On this site relationships can be built with many others who in turn have relationships of their own. People can be introduced to new contact through their contacts and increase their own network group.

Jobs are also listed on, many of which are exclusive. As the job results appear the site notes any network contacts related to the job. A person searching may happen to have a friend, who has a friend that works at the company the job opening is located. An inside recommendation is always helpful.

Online Plan

People should avoid making the mistake many job seekers do by spending hours surfing the internet for potential employment. Make a plan and follow it every day. Set a start and finish time for each day and have a set of goals to accomplish for each online search session. Get on and then get off is a great philosophy to follow.

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