Using Twitter, LinkedIn, Freelance Marketplaces for Jobs on the Web

Using Twitter, LinkedIn, Freelance Marketplaces for Jobs on the Web

The recent economic slump in Canada and the U.S. has resulted in many people losing their jobs. With record numbers of unemployment, competition for work is fierce. Businesses and individuals offering freelance work are more frequently using social media and job marketplaces on the web to attract new job candidates. It is in the best interest of job seekers to find out how to use Twitter, LinkedIn, and other web strategies to conduct their job search.

How to Use Twitter to Find Jobs

Although Twitter is a social media application that is similar to Facebook, it is unlike Facebook in that the focus is more about connecting with like-minded people and organizations, rather than sharing photos with friends and family. As a result, more and more businesses are not only setting up Twitter pages, but are posting their latest job openings in "tweets" posted on Twitter.

In order to hear about the latest jobs that a company is trying to fill, Twitter users should become a follower of that organization's Twitter page. There are also particular Twitter pages that are devoted exclusively to job openings including the following pages with their Twitter names: @Jobs_Toronto, @Jobs_Calgary, @JobVancouver, @CanadianJobs. A recent scan of @TwitJobsToronto revealed job postings from Fidelity, Bell Canada, Sears Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum, and Sick Kids Hospital.

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Jobs

LinkedIn is a social media application where users create a profile page that outlines their credentials, as well as lists their business contacts or "connections" as LinkedIn calls them. LinkedIn users must first request approval to be connected to a contact. A user can request a connection to post a referral comment on her profile page. Many users leverage their LinkedIn network of connections to search for suitable job candidates.

LinkedIn users may also search for jobs that other users have posted by selecting the "Jobs" button on the top menu bar and conducting a search. Many large organizations such as the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) post job openings on LinkedIn.

Freelance Marketplaces Online

Online job marketplaces such as Elance, Guru, and ODesk are sites where employers post job specifications for freelance work including web design, programming, accounting, legal, marketing, and writing, and job searchers place bids on jobs. Job searchers may take online tests to verify their skill proficiency. ODesk charges a 10 percent fee, but they guarantee payment to successful job candidates who charge an hourly rate.

Searching for a job in the Canadian and U.S. job markets can be difficult these days, but job searchers who find out how to use social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn, as well as online freelance job marketplaces like Guru, ODesk, and Elance to find jobs will reap enormous advantages. Learning how to use the web for job searches not only results in discovering greater job opportunities, but it also builds on job searchers' social networking and technical skills, which are skills most employers value.

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